Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Colletti Bats 3-for-11 (.273)

Jon Heyman from ranks the winter's best baseball deals, and of the top 11 deals listed, Ned Colletti has three of them:

  • #1 Randy Wolf, one year, $8M;
  • #3 Nomar Garciaparra, two years, $18.5M;
  • #10 Jason Schmidt, three years, $47M.
  • Not bad, although it may be a law of numbers deal given how busy Colletti was this off-season. (The Padres' signing of Greg Maddux (two years, $16M) was the only other NL West team represented on the list). And, to be fair, the Juan Pierre deal (five years, $44M) was not mentioned. But hey, at least it's not Gil Meche (five years, $55M).


    Orel said...

    Shouldn't Colletti be hitting .375, given that he's made eight signings so far?

    Steve Sax said...

    Math never was my strong suit.

    Unfortunately, with respect to the Pierre deal, it wasn't Ned's strong suit either.