Friday, December 15, 2006

Blue Jays Poised to Mount Vernon

As referenced here on SoSG before, Vernon Wells is leaning toward the Blue Jays' offer of $126M over seven years. I have to assume that the $126M is in US dollars, though given the way the dollar has fallen, it may be a moot point. $18M/year is pretty lofty, though; I mean, that's Matsuzaka-level money. The odds are apparently "better than 50-50" that Wells will sign.

"How can you not be happy?" asked the ever-rhetorical Wells, 28, who also said he would be willing to remain with the team rather than get more money as a free agent next year. Like the Dodgers, the Blue Jays are building their team around guys who want to play for their franchise.

Unlike the Dodgers, though, the Blue Jays might have a power bat in their lineup. Cue the Manny circus music?