Thursday, December 07, 2006

Shocker of Shockers: Giants Re-sign Barry Bonds

( Bonds, Giants agree on one-year deal: Slugger, 21 homers shy of Aaron, set to re-sign for $16 million

I told you so, nyah nyah, etc.


Alex Cora said...

Honestly, I think he got about 8 million, but his ego and the fact that he will break the HR record caused him to strike a deal with the Giants and say he ws paid 16 million inthe press so it doesn't look that bad. Seriously, 16 million for one year?

Orel said...

Keep in mind his 2006 salary of $19 million was probably a starting point for negotiations.

Steve Sax said...

...with incentive performance bonuses to go to $20M. Unbelievable.

I will definitely post on this later.