Friday, December 08, 2006

Ned Colletti, Can-Doer (is that even a word?)

Jayson Stark from ESPN sums up the Winter Meetings by giving the Dodgers, along with five other teams (none of which from the NL West), solid marks for proactive moves(if not rational action or financial prudence). What the heck, for now, we'll take it:

The consensus is that the Dodgers stretched a little too far by giving free agent Juan Pierre a five-year deal worth $44 million last month. But all the rest of GM Ned Colletti's acquisitions this winter have been established, winning players who signed contracts shorter than the norm. His biggest catch was a real ace, Jason Schmidt, for three years, $47 million. Plus Luis Gonzalez (one year, $7 million) and heavily pursued left-hander Randy Wolf (one year, $8 million) were two perfect short-term fits.

Add in Mike Lieberthal (one year, $1.25 million) as a backup catcher and the re-signing of Nomar Garciaparra (two years, $18.5 million). And the Dodgers now are (A) set up to compete in the present and future (B) have excess pitching that could enable them to deal Brad Penny for an outfield bat, and (C) still have given up no elite prospects from baseball's best farm system. So this team has had as productive an offseason as any team in the sport.

So overall, a mixed review, but besides the much-derided Pierre deal, everything else sounds positive around the Dodgers' off-season moves to date. More analysis coming over the weekend.