Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Many Manny Rumors--Just Not to LA

Boston seems determined to trade Manny Ramirez though it is looking more unlikely that the Dodgers will be his new home. SI.com reports that Colletti is already distancing himself from his secret midnight meeting:

According to someone who was at the meeting, Dodgers GM Ned Colletti told his people yesterday morning that a deal with the Red Sox for Manny Ramírez was "the longest of long shots." One Dodgers official rated the chances of a deal "at 5 percent . . . at best." -- Boston Globe

New Manny rumors include a three-way trade that would have him end up at the Mariners (with the Giants involved, grabbing Richie Sexson); another rumor also has the Giants using the Nationals to snare Manny.

Again, I'm uncomfortable losing too many of our prospects, but I'm even more uncomfortable opening the 2007 season without any power bat in the lineup.


Orel said...

I'd rather go powerless in 2007 and go after the next crop of power hitters.

Lasorda said...

Yeah, the Class of 2007 is looking a LOT better than what's on the market now. Given the inflation of the market, it looks like Manny's contract is almost reasonable. Personally, I cannot see the Red Sox pulling the trigger on the deal since they need Manny's bat a lot more than having a James Loney or an Andy LaRoche.

Steve Sax said...

I have to say, if the rumors are true then Neddie was unwilling to offer more than LaRoche and Broxton for Manny. Impressive--and somewhat surprising!