Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Hot Stove Bubbling Over

Lose one:
ESPN.com: Maddux agrees to 1-year, $10M deal with Padres

Keep one:
(Dodgers.com) Dodgers retain Saito's services: Closer set to return to Los Angeles for another season

Which means...
Dodgers.com: Dodgers likely parting ways with Gagne


Steve Sax said...

If Gagne leaves, do the Dodgers have any Boras-represented players left? I can't think of any...

Seems like Colletti's fury in the wake of Drew's sudden defection may have been taken personally by poor Scotty B.

Which may not be such a bad thing for the Dodgers, I might add.

Lasorda said...

Looks like Maddux is almost ready to be a Padre. Interesting to see what the terms are. Given the inflation in the market (particularly starting pitching), did Ned make the right decision not to offer Maddux arbitration (which would have resulted in something like a 1 year/$12-14MM deal if Maddux had accepted it or draft picks if he left as a free agent).

Wonder if Plaschke is going to blast ol' buddy Neddie for letting Maddux walk? You know he'd rake DePo over the coals had this occurred on his watch.

Anonymous said...

Derek Lowe is a Boras client, I believe.

Steve Sax said...

You're right, Derek Lowe is a Boras man.