Monday, December 11, 2006

Eric Gagne Dumped?

At least, that's what seems to be indicated by the current end-of-year sale going on at the Stadium Store at Dodger Stadium. 2006 Playoff shirts are a low $5 each, and almost everything in the store is 35% off. But over on the rack of player t-shirts with names of former Dodgers (e.g., Maddux, Mueller, Izturis)--all discounted to $8--revealed the Gagne "Game Over" shirts as well.

It is sad (and a little shocking) to see Eric Gagne on the "everything must go" rack, especially since he hasn't signed with any other team yet. But maybe it's just an inventory issue; after all, they still have a "Chan Ho Park 61" cap on shelf for $5.

Sale runs through this Saturday. Will Gagne's run as a Dodger end Saturday too?