Monday, December 04, 2006

2007 Giants Look A Lot Like 2006 Giants

What do you do after a 76-85 season, and a distant third-place finish in the NL West? Switch out Moises Alou for Dave Roberts (a three-year deal), bring back Rich Aurilia, and then re-sign 35-year old Ray Durham. Then, re-sign Pedro Feliz to a one-year, $5-6M deal.

Amazingly, all of these deals (with the exception of Feliz) are more than one year, so the Giants are basically assembling a lineup with the same pieces as years past.

If Ned Colletti's moves were confusing, Brian Sabean's are even more befuddling.

UPDATE: The Giants have also grabbed 33-year old Bengie Molina out of the oldies aisle as their insurance policy for Mike Matheny. In typical fashion, they signed him to a three-year deal. Amazing.