Wednesday, July 10, 2013

More About The Puig Push

Conversation, is going 'round.
People talking 'bout the boy who's come to town.
Our right fielder, potent as can be
No one knows how he defected, over sea

I have seen him, take opponents deep
Months before he got here, we just fell asleep
He's a man-child, and he sure deserves to play
Keep on voting Puig and send him on his way

He's fresh, exciting
He's so exciting to me
He's fresh, exciting
He's so inviting to me, yeah


Ahem, sorry about that diversion. Here's the inspiration for that ditty (emphasis mine):

"He's so electric, he's so fresh," marveled Ryan Rossi, a 22-year-old college student from Pasadena who wore a Puig T-shirt. "He's got a future in the league and it's nice to see this on the Dodgers because we've been pretty bad."

Way to put this all into context, Ryan!


UPDATE 9:44a: As of one hour ago (and 50 million votes in), according to Ken Gurnick, Puig still trails Freeman. Uh huh. Sure.