Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Colletti Poised And Ready To Give Money, Prospects Away

When I read the dodgers.com headline, "Colletti willing to deal, but targets uncertain," I couldn't help but reverse the headline and think, "Targets uncertain, but Colletti willing to deal." And so here we are, at the trade deadline, with Ned getting anxious:

Wednesday's non-waiver Trade Deadline is approaching quickly and Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti is locked and loaded with an itchy trigger finger.

Only one problem -- he's having trouble finding a target.

Oh, no.

Another focus could be a right-handed middle reliever, but Colletti has said he has his doubts how much of an upgrade is out there. The Carlos Marmol experiment is still a work in progress judging from early returns.

I don't think the late returns are going to get any better.

Colletti has repeatedly shown a reliance on vets over kids with almost annual in-season trades for veteran relievers -- Elmer Dessens, Scott Proctor, George Sherrill, Octavio Dotel, Randy Choate and [Brandon] League.

But to get those guys, we gave away Odalis Perez, Wilson Betemit, Josh Bell and Steve Johnson. Randy Choate came over with Hanley Ramirez, at the cost of Nate Eovaldi and Scott McGough. League came over for Leon Landry and Logan Bawcom, which might not have been so bad in itself, except it led to a $22.5M deal a blink of an eye later.

And then there's Dotel, who came at the cost of James McDonald and Andrew Lambo. Ouch.

Somehow, I have this sinking feeling that Brian Wilson is imminent.