Thursday, July 18, 2013

"A culture of inclusion and equality"

Remember when the NHL partnered with You Can Play to forward its anti-homophobia policy? The MLB has also taken a step; lost in the All-Star hype was MLB's unveiling of its own Workplace Code of Conduct:

As a result of MLB's and the MLBPA's cooperation with the Attorney General's office, the League has committed to additional steps to ensure that "America's pastime" is open to all players, regardless of sexual orientation. Among these steps, MLB has agreed to develop and disseminate materials on sexual orientation non-discrimination to all Club Scouting and Farm Directors involved in the acquisition of amateur talent. This will help to create a culture of acceptance early in the process. In addition, MLB's Office of the Commissioner will conduct training sessions for Club and League officials and staff at the bi-annual industry meetings. The next meeting is scheduled for November 2013 in Orlando, Florida and will include training on sexual orientation non-discrimination principles.

Good job, MLB!