Monday, July 22, 2013

Dodgers To Consider Picking Up Another Ramirez?

The Dodgers seem to have good luck with picking up guys named Ramirez. So it makes sense that Dan Szymborski, in his column "Five NL Trades That Must Happen", mentions the Dodgers picking up Brewers 3B Aramis Ramirez, in exchange for outfielder prospect Joc Pederson (link insider only):

Trade No. 4: Los Angeles Dodgers acquire third baseman Aramis Ramirez from the Milwaukee Brewers for outfielder Joc Pederson

Pederson's going to be a solid player in the majors, but his utility to the Dodgers -- who have three outfielders signed through the time the sun becomes a red giant and incinerates Earth, and some guy you may have heard of named Yasiel Puig -- isn't what it would be on other teams. The Brewers shouldn't get greedy and ask for more. In fact, I'd personally try to squeeze more out of the Brewers if I'm the Dodgers, though I wouldn't expect them to do so.

A-Ram isn't the power bat he once was, but even with Juan Uribe playing admirably this year, Ramirez is a better player when he's on. Even after a trade, Uribe won't go wasted on a team that gives way too many at-bats to Nick Punto and Skip Schumaker.

Complicating this matter is Ramirez's knee injury, which has kept him out since July 6 and threatens to keep him out past the July 31 deadline. Ramirez is batting .271.

Punto, in his first start since the All-Star break (he went a combined 0-for-3 in the first two games of the Nationals series), went 1-for-4 yesterday with 3 LOB; he's batting .248. Uribe is batting .269 and went 0-for-1 yesterday in a late appearance.

Sounds pretty dicey to me.


MR.F said...

Just teach Greinke how to play the infield:

Hideo Nomo said...

I don't like the smell of it.

Steve Sax said...

@Mr. F: Great article, thanks for the headsup

Paul said...

Do not like. As crazy as it sounds we are gonna need Outfield depth by next year. I'm sure one of the current guys will drop a arm or leg.