Sunday, July 21, 2013

Post-Game 97 Thread: Kershaw Defeats Zimmermann


This time, for realsies! Kershaw was utterly dominant, going 7 innings and only allowing two hits. Sure, those two hits were Jayson Werth solo shots, but that didn't matter because THIS happened (h/t SoSG Orel):

Los Angeles - Top of 2nd
Jordan Zimmermann pitching for Washington
M Kemp homered to left.
A Ellis singled to right center.
M Ellis doubled to left, A Ellis to third.
C Kershaw grounded out to second, A Ellis scored, M Ellis to third.
C Crawford singled to left, M Ellis scored.
C Crawford stole second.
N Punto walked.
A Gonzalez struck out swinging.
H Ramirez homered to left, C Crawford and N Punto scored.
A Ethier walked.
M Kemp doubled to left, A Ethier scored.
A Ellis lined out to center.

Matt Kemp returned from the DL with a vengeance, ending up a triple shy of the cycle. Sadly, he also ended up on the bench at the end of the game, after injuring his ankle in an awkward play at the plate in the ninth. (That was somehow Brandon League's fault.) Mattingly says no DL for Kemp, but he's already been wrong about that twice this season.

Dodgers complete the sweep, and head to Toronto (that still sounds weird) a half-game back of Arizona, who won today. (The nerve of those jerks.)


Pride of Dong said...

I like the story this year. If we dominated like this all year, the narrative would have been billionaires buy World Series, instead, we are now the under dogs. Hopefully the losing streak will have chased off a lot of fair weather fans....

Steve Sax said...

To be fair, unlike Nolasco and Greinke, Kershaw got the win today.

Hideo Nomo said...

...which is why I said for realsies!

Steve Sax said...

Oh, I get it! Sorry, Gnomes!

Does that make the other ones fakesies?