Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Post-Game 99 Thread: Ain't Nothin' Gonna Break My Stride


On a day when the SoSG Game Thread was earmarked with this, it's only fitting to use a worse song for the PGT. But here we were, with the Dodgers down 8-3 entering the seventh inning, having notched a record of 1-35 when trailing after six frames (prior to this game).

But buoyed by a three-run seventh inning (bases loaded walk by Andre Ethier, and a two-RBI single from Mark Ellis), and an eighth inning capped by a three-run homer by Adrian Gonzalez (not to mention a solo shot by Ethier), the Dodgers rolled to a 10-8 lead.

Kenley Jansen had a slightly shaky ninth, yielding one run, but keeping the Dodgers from losing the game in regulation. We should talk about the ineffectiveness of recent call-up Carlos Marmol, who went 1.2 IP with 3 ER and was by all accounts a disaster in his Dodger debut. But hey, we're 5-0 on this road trip, with a chance to make the roadtrip undefeated tomorrow. So we're not going to break our stride here.

Oh, no. We've got to keep on moving.


MR.F said...

Nick Punto ‏@Shredderpunto 11m

"Winning is so much better then losing"

Steve Sax said...

Confucius has hacked Punto's twitter handle.

Neeebs (The Original) said...

Neeebs @neeebsisagenius 13m

I like winning

Steve Sax said...

Winning > losing

Hideo Nomo said...

I'm bummed Neeebs isn't actually on Twitter. We need to take out the dude who has @neeebs.

Neeebs (The Original) said...

Zivzih must go!

Neeebski's unite.

rbnlaw said...

Wait, I'm following a fake Neeebs?


Winning is the preferred ending to games in my house.

Hideo Nomo said...

Victory is also acceptable.