Wednesday, July 31, 2013

USA Today Covers Sue Falsone

Thanks to BJ Killeen for the link: from "Barrier-breaking female trainer a good fit for Dodgers" at USA Today:

She is a role model and takes that seriously.

"I've heard from numerous young women who say, 'I want to have a job like yours. I never thought I could do that, and now I can,' " says Falsone, who is single and lives two blocks from the ocean in Hermosa Beach, Calif., southwest of Los Angeles.

She also knows there are Dodger fans out there tweeting and blogging that she should be fired for all the injuries. It's hurtful, but she takes it in stride and hasn't lost her sense of humor.

"I made one comment in a story that we're constantly talking to experts in the field to try to improve, and someone on Twitter said, 'Well then, we don't want you. We want the expert,' " Falsone says, laughing.

There are also comments from others, mostly anonymously on the Internet, along the lines that a woman doesn't belong in the dugout or the clubhouse. She doesn't laugh these off. She mostly avoids them.

"People are pretty courageous when they can hide behind an anonymous name," Falsone says. "I know I get a lot of flak, but I learned very, very quickly not to read the reader comments below a story that mentions me. That's where a lot of that stuff goes. It's unfortunate."

I love that the Dodgers continue to break barriers. Don't let those internet idiots get you down, Sue! Especially those bloggers — they're the worst!

photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/USA TODAY Sports


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