Sunday, July 14, 2013

NL All-Star Locke Scratched; Bochy Needs To Pick Replacement

Obligatory scratched lock photo.

Well this is pretty intriguing news out of Pittsburgh this evening: Pirates starter Jeff Locke will miss the All-Star Game due to a tight back, leaving an opening on the NL roster:

PITTSBURGH -- Jeff Locke's back forced the issue of whether the lefthander would pitch in next week's All-Star game.

The Pittsburgh Pirates starter will miss Sunday's game against the New York Mets and sit out the midsummer classic due after his back tightened up during a 2-1 loss to Oakland on Tuesday.

"It hasn't happened before, that's why I'm speechless," Locke said. "I've never had anything pop up like this."

Gerrit Cole will start in Locke's place against the Mets and National League manager Bruce Bochy will have to find a replacement for Locke on the 34-man All-Star roster.

Anyone come to mind whom Bochy might pick to fill that open spot on the All-Star Game roster? I mean, I'm sure the guy who finished second to Freddie Freeman in the Final Vote tallying should probably be considered, right? Seeing as how that guy garnered more votes than anyone in Final Vote history, save of course Freeman?

Ah, who am I kidding. I know Bochy will pick the third-place finisher in the Final Vote challenge, his team's Hunter Pence.