Monday, September 24, 2012

Yankees Win at Rookie Hazing

Yankees rookies participate in rookie hazing: Mark Littlefield (Assistant Athletic Trainer) as Chewbacca, Adam Warren as Han Solo, David Phelps as Princess Leia, Melky Mesa as Darth Vader, Kenji Nomura (Hiroki Kuroda's translator) as Yoda and Cody Eppley as Luke Skywalker.

Poor Kenji! I guess translators are always rookies.

photo from @M_Marakovits (via Cut 4)


John G said...

Translator should have been C3P0.

Fred's Brim said...

No the Yankees do not win! That's not hazing; that's a fun halloween!
How is that at all embarrassing?

Fill Chewy's costume with pudding! Make Vader and Luke wear their light sabre dildos through the zippers of their trousers! Make them wear Cleveland Indians uniforms. That would be real hazing