Monday, September 10, 2012

This Made More Sense When I Was Drinking SoSG Fest III: Illusion of a Chance, where we were psyched to be joined once again by Nancy Bea and ShameyJamie, whom we first met at SoSG Fest I.

Not only was it nice to catch up, but the event gave ShameyJamie a chance to advance her celebrity lookalike theory:

"There is something....the eyes?" Nancy Bea writes. Yes, as in they both have them? Personally I'm not seeing it — but as always, our Dear Readers will decide. What say you?


Dusty Baker said...

I only want to gouge out one of these individual's eyes.

Orel said...

Hanley may look at a lot of called strike threes but that's hardly a reason for violence.

Dusty Baker said...

We'd make a great beach volleyball team, Orel. You spiked it just as I knew you would when I teed it up.

Another comparison that came up that still makes great sense even as we have now (mostly) sobered up was brought up by Nomo (in a totally racially sensitive way):

Isn't Brandon Belt the white James Loney?

Good question, Gnomes. Or is James Loney the white James Loney?

Hideo Nomo said...

It's because they both look like baby giraffes.

Dusty Baker said...

New post: pics of Belt and Loney are up.