Saturday, September 01, 2012

Vin Scully's Tribute to Bob Uecker

Vin Scully recorded a dedication to Brewers broadcaster Bob Uecker, who was just honored with a statue outside Miller Park:

Hi everybody, this is Vin Scully speaking from Los Angeles to honor my pal Bob Uecker.

I can't believe, like so many of us, how many years have gone by. Oh sure, I know that Bob has been a great broadcaster for Milwaukee for the last forty-two years, but I've known him a lot longer than that, when he played for the Atlanta Braves.

In fact, I can't say the name "Bob Uecker" without smiling. It was Ueck who told me they first told him he was no longer a member of the Braves when he went to the clubhouse, and they said, I'm sorry, no visitors allowed.

It was Ueck who said that they injected him so that he would have yellow fever to match the bats on Cardinal uniform, to keep him out of the World Series.

All in all, the best interview I ever had was interviewing Bob Uecker before a game, where I actually split my sides.

And to think of Bob Uecker and a statue, with birds on the shoulders. Now that's an eight-by-ten I'd like to see.

Nice going, Bob. We love you.

photo by Gary Porter/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel