Friday, February 17, 2012

Gotta Catch 'em All! (Pack 4)

John G brought the sexy. The Official Clothier of Team SoSG (look out, Botany 500!), he helped shore up our middle infield (second base and shortstop) and held his own in the trash-talking department as well (I believe the phrase "denim thunder" escaped his lips).

The first Son on the scene. Thanks to Josh, you found out we were losing the game — during the game. How about these kids and their mobile devices? Josh was blogging from the dugout, and I approve. Josh also spelled CVF at catcher, providing Neeebs with a bigger backstop than the backstop itself. There were no passed balls under his watch.

CVF drove down from Fresno, so Mr. C takes second place in distance traveled by driving up from San Diego. Is that dedication or what? On the field, he plugged up the middle of the infield at second base, bravely keeping hot smashes in front of him. And between games, he displayed some positively Son-like beer consumption.


Hideo Nomo said...
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spank said...

Not sure of the context as to why come have a pic of Pulgas in an SoSG baseball card but I protest it anyways.


Neeebs (The Original) said...

At Spanky:


Still waiting for the John G reprint.

Dusty Baker's Toothpick said...

I wanna thank Mr.C for sporting jeans at the softball tourney. Thanks brotha.

I was afraid I would be the only douche bag wearing jeans. I was still a douche bag, but at least I had a teammate in denim.

Dusty Baker said...

Double douche bus!

Hideo Nomo said...

It's all about the track pants.


DDGRDUG said...
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DDGRDUG said...

Hey all..long time reader, sometimes poster. I played for VSIMH team 1 at the tourney. Gotta say the tournament was alot of fun!!! I wanted to come over and say hello but it seemed like our games basically overlapped and I didnt get a chance.
RE: jeans
I was sitting in the stands during the last few innings of your last game against MSTI and I overheard someone say "Wow, jeans? Really??? Who plays in jeans???" and someone else jumped in "Hey, the kids in the Sandlot did.."
For the record, the wifey was very impressed with Team SOSG's drinking skills. Her exact words were "Holy crap, its 9am and they already have pitchers of beer?!?" Good times...

Dusty Baker said...

Thanks for checking in, DDGRDUG!

Jeans + early beer = good times!

Dusty Baker's Toothpick said...

DDGRDUG, drinking all that beer at 9am made it easier to endure the denim faux pas!

But that somebody in the stands was right, the kids in the sandlot did wear jeans, so I'm exonerated!!!!

Ah, I'm getting thirsty, it's 9am somewhere

Neeebs (The Original) said...

Ddgrdug: when you wake up at the crack of dawn to be at the park for an 8:00am game, 9:00am drinking is really a noon time equivalent.

Cc: Spanky .

Nostradamus said...

The jeans were right in line with my projected athletic ability!

I started going through my closet looking for my cleats and other appropriate athletic attire, and then took one look at my beer gut and said, "Who the fuck am I kidding?"

I did enjoy the fact that immediately after the heckling, I laced a shot into CF that looked downright competent.