Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Afternoon Coffey

Huge new Dodger signing! No, not huge as in impactful. Huge, as in he's a fat tub of lard, a real chancho. Apparently he's been signed to shore up middle relief. I think he's actually been signed for load-balancing purposes on team flights now that Broxton is gone.

LA Times has more here.

UPDATE: I was listening to the MLB station on Sirius/XM on my way to work yesterday. The morning show was interviewing Coffey and what I heard made me reconsider how I feel about him. I didn't know this before, and maybe some of you do, but his entrance song is the theme song, "Unstable," that the Ultimate Warrior would use during his wrestling days. Big plus one from me! Also, he's a big Trekkie, so plus another one from me.

cc: Delino

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John G said...

i have a theory.. and its a stretch because i'm not sure ned is this Smart... that the Dodger front office is taking flyers on as many cheap pitchers as possible in order to trade any of them that have bounceback seasons as soon as other teams have injury or ineffective hurler issues.

if i knew i had no chance and no budget to build a winning team, but only one year to save my job - id try and stock the farm with as many prospects as possible as fast as possible.

I could see every reliever besides Jansen and Guerra, plus ted Lilly, every "starter" we signed this off season, Ellis, Hariston, Kennedy, Loney, (in my dreams) Uribe, Gwynn, and Ethier all gone by the trade deadline.

Dusty Baker said...

Could be, John G, could be.

In that case, though, still not sure whether to (laugh) or (cry).

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

I don't see most of these guys as trade bait. They're all on two-year contracts and due considerable raises in 2013. It would have to be a pretty barren market for the Dodgers to have any chance at a profitable return.

Dusty Baker said...

I see Coffey actually cut up for chum and sold at area bait shops after 2012.

Fernie V said...

Who's this guy? Todd Coffey?

Like the drink, only not spelled the same.

Fernie V said...

Come on guys so he has a little trouble eating healthy. Don't we all?

We are not selling jeans.

rbnlaw said...

So pitchers now think that because CC Sabathia is dominant and fat, they can be dominant if they get fat?

Flawed logic there.

Steve Sax said...

How is it that we have a comment on this post registered five days before the post itself?

Fred's Brim said...

@Sax, Dusty bumped this up for the update. I was a little confused too. I guffawed at the use of chancho, but then had deja vu, thinking "Strange, I swear I laughed at 'chancho' recently." Then I realized I did, last week, in this very post.

Hideo Nomo said...

Dusty owns a flux capacitor.

Dusty Baker said...


Dammit! There went my plans to get fatter, therefore more dominant.


What FB said. I bumped up the story because of that critical Ultimate Warrior update re Coffey's intro song. Glad you're paying attention!


I've always wanted to work "chancho" into a post. (marks it off bucket list)

Dusty Baker said...

@ Nomo

I INVENTED the flux capacitor.

Fernie V said...

Hey, that is cool so we should start seeing fans with dingo warrior face paints and strings hanging from their biceps.

Fernie V said...

I am loving this, before strike three we can start the chant, Ultimate, Ultimate, Ultimate!

Dusty Baker said...


Assuming strike three ever happens!

Steve Sax said...

I can't get a consistent wifi signal in this Turkish prison

Dusty Baker said...


I was picturing you more like Gandalf stuck atop Orthanc.

Hint: speak to the moths