Thursday, February 23, 2012

Caruso/Torre Out, McCourt Remains Evil

From the most trusted source in the ongoing ownership saga...

Shaikin has more here. (

This is depressing, to say the least. Not necessarily for the loss of Caruso and Torre. They weren't my personal choice for new owners, but they were close to the top of my list. Despite the negative connotation around the term "developer," I've actually come to enjoy Caruso's Americana complex in Glendale. I was intrigued by what plans he might have for bringing a broader audience to the Ravine.

No, the real depressing part comes as we get concrete (no pun intended) evidence of what we all suspected: Frank is hell-bent on maintaining control of the Dodger Stadium parking lots. His intent (and this is pure speculation on my part) is most likely to either jack up parking fees for the paying fan, or charge the new owner an exorbitant amount to do what they want to do with the land. Either way, it sucks. Academy Road, Scott Road, and other alternate parking venues will be even bigger battlegrounds than they are now.

Shaikin mentions that Frank already has at least one bid that allows him to keep the lots. It's a safe bet that's his odds-on favorite right now, no matter how high the other offers are. Maybe that one won't make it past the MLB approval process.

Hold tight everybody, it looks like we're in for some more ugliness before the end of the McCourt Era...if that end even comes at all.


Dusty Baker said...

If other bidders do not also exclude the lots sale, then aren't they likely to very soon either be ruled out by Frank or withdraw on their own like Caruso/Torre having recognized that issue is an insurmountable barrier?

Shorter: Isn't this going to weed some folks out really quickly, soon?