Friday, July 01, 2011

You Can Try To Pin Down Frank McCourt, But He's Gotta Bounce

So the bankruptcy filing and emergency funding allowed Frank McCourt to make payroll...sort of:

The Los Angeles Dodgers got approval Tuesday to enter into a $150 million bankruptcy financing arrangement in order to keep the team afloat, but it turns out that some team employees experienced the club's financial woes firsthand.

The paychecks of some part-time game-day staffers bounced, a Dodgers spokesman confirmed Thursday, but said it wasn't because the team didn't have enough money to cover them. The spokesman attributed the issue to the freezing of the Dodgers' accounts for 48 hours after the team filed for bankruptcy in Delaware on Monday.

It is unclear how many Dodgers employees were affected, but some security guards and ushers found their paychecks had bounced. The team spokesman said employees who have direct deposit accounts were not affected. The Dodgers reissued checks Wednesday to those who were affected and are reimbursing any bank fees incurred by the bouncing of the checks.

No reason why security guards and ushers might be especially worried about being cut, right? Especially since many of them were hastily hired just after Opening Day and all.