Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Vote Ethier... or Else

Hey, I love the Andre. We all do. In fact, I'm trying to get someone to cover me at work just to get my hands on his Brooklyn Bobblehead tomorrow night. But the campaign seems to be entering dangerous territory.

Last night, Josh Rawitch pointed out one of the suites that was a prize for contest winners - Equipped with multiple computers, they were "encouraged" to vote for Andre throughout the night.

Sound familiar?

Rumors are starting to swirl about a covert voting facility in Torrance.

And I say, GOOD! If Andre's not in the All Star game, nobody should be. Except Kemp. And Kershaw.

But not...

"Stay home, Shane. Stay home."

UPDATE 4:40p (Sax): More on this in Dylan Hernandez' LATimes piece, "Dodgers finally show some punch, in support of Ethier".


QuadSevens said...

Love the LOST reference! I wouldn't mind if Locke came back just to start voting for Ethier.

Pistol Pete Reiser said...

I'd get Jacob all over it. And that black smokey thing.

rbnlaw said...

As Desmond would say, "How's about a link to the voting, Brother?"