Monday, July 11, 2011

The NYT Loves Matt Kemp

Two notes from the interior pages of this Sunday's New York Times on Matt Kemp, one of the Dodgers' three All-Stars for this 2011 All-Star Game.

First, they ran a graphic called "Selections and Sights" which listed the WAR of the starting lineups for both the AL and NL squads. Not only was Kemp's 5.7 WAR the highest of any of the NL starters (Roy Halladay at 5.0 was the nearest contestant), it was second only to Jose Bautista's 6.0 WAR among both starting lineups. Oh, and Mr. 3000 Derek Jeter? 0.0 WAR.

Second, national columnist Tyler Kepner gave away his mid-season awards, and NL MVP went to Kemp:

NL MOST VALUABLE PLAYER Matt Kemp, Los Angeles. Both MVP races could test voters’ habit of limiting candidates to those from winning teams. Kemp plays for the also-ran Dodgers but is clearly the league’s top player. Runner-up: Jose Reyes, Mets.

Go do us proud Tuesday night, Kemp!


Kyle Baker said...

Also-ran Dodgers?

(cries like a schoolgirl)