Sunday, July 03, 2011

Congrats, Matt Kemp & Clayton Kershaw

From @joe_block:

#Dodgers OF Matt Kemp will start All-Star Game

From @TheRealMattKemp:

Wow!! God is good!! Thank u 2 all my fans that voted for me time and time again. This is a dope feeling!!

And speaking of Dodger All-Stars...from @dodgerthoughts:

In his past 45 games, Russell Martin has a .183 BA, .300 OBP, .281 slugging, .581 OPS.

Martin will be an AL All-Star reserve player.

UPDATE: As expected, Clayton Kershaw will join Kemp:

UPDATE: Andre Ethier - Final Vote Candidate! (VSIMH)


Ken said...

All of my emails voting worked!

KLD said...

Congrats to the 2 K's. Question... I always liked Martin (Russell) but how is he able to be a reserve with numbers like that:

(In his past 45 games, Russell Martin has a .183 BA, .300 OBP, .281 slugging, .581 OPS.)???!!!

Isn't this why he was let go by the Dodgers? Did Ron Washington actually give him the go ahead?

rbnlaw said...

Russell Martin in the ASG = The Seventh Seal.

rbnlaw said...

On the other hand, it's the ASG and I couldn't care less.

Josh S. said...

Haven't had a chance to look over the selections yet. Any other laughers besides Martin?

Kyle Baker said...

Proud of our lads. I've been talking shit about them at every bar ice been to the last 36 hrs. Preaching it!

Alex Cora said...

We gotta get Andre in - if not for him, then for the fact that the flying Hawaiian won't make it. Man I can't stand that guy.