Friday, June 10, 2011

LAPD Has Blood-Stained Jersey Linked To Stow Case

NBC LA News is reporting tonight that the LAPD has a blood-stained jersey that could be a crucial piece of evidence in the Bryan Stow case:

A blood-stained jersey dropped off at a cleaning service may be linked to the severe beating of Giants fan Bryan Stow, NBC LA has learned. After the jersey was dropped off at the cleaners, workers alerted authorities, who submitted it for DNA analysis. The results came back a match to Stow, NBC LA has learned. [...]

Attorneys for Ramirez, who met with their client at Central Jail on Friday afternoon, said Ramirez contends he has never been to a cleaners.

When NBCLA went to the LAPD for an on-the-record comment on the bloodied jersey, a source within the department said specifically that the jersey is not Ramirez's. The source declined to disclose who the jersey belongs to.

Stow remains in a coma. According to his doctors he shows signs of brain injury and dysfunction.

NBC LA has learned that police have delayed asking the district attorney to file against Ramirez as part of a strategy to pressure him to reveal information about two other suspects still at large.

An LAPD source says that the shirt was not Ramirez', but the police do believe Ramirez brought the shirt to the cleaners. Yikes.