Thursday, June 02, 2011

Actual At Game Recap: June 1, 2011

Nothing gets me to a game faster than bobbleheads of managers / former Yankees looking like they're praying.

Labelled by several in attendance as the Worst. Bobblehead. Ever. Though my vote goes for Ryan Howard...

.. of "The Office." Apparently actual quality of Mattingly bobblehead did not stop the a-holes next to us from stealing my friend's.

Despite the actual gameplay of the Dodgers - except for former SoSG-poster boy James Loney, who made some defensive gems - the game was a violence free hoot. Even if the promise of Mattingly head didn't exactly bring in the masses.

Frank McCourt has found a brilliant solution to his financial woes. SELLING WHIP-ITS!

Which at $25 a pop was the best deal in the stadium. And that might explain why I thought they were showing an INTERVIEW WITH THE BOBBLEHEAD.

Off topic - douche of the game. This guy, who chose to stand the entire game. Which in theory I'd respect. Except it was right in front of my view.

At one point, it looked like there would be divine intervention to help the Dodgers. Or at least a rocket strike to put the the fans out of their misery.

I don't know what the SHOCKER Hall of Fame is. I'm not sure I want to know.

And if you don't know what a Shocker is, we're not the one to tell you.

Around the eighth inning, a familiar face showed up:

SoSG Local Hero Jameson Moss aka The Don't Stop Believin' Guy aka The Don't Stop Believing Guy.

In a world full of fans who turn into annoying schmucks the second they get on Diamond Vision - including yours truly who once snuck behind a baby being filmed to do just that - Jameson is the best in the biz. He actually makes air guitar and lip synching funny. Alas, this was one of the only times that his considerable powers did not alter the course of history, as the Dodgers went gently into that good night.

In a tradition as old as Dodger Stadium itself, the masses left in the ninth of a three run game. Which to this east coast snob's eyes, is just lame. (And I know the readers of SoSG do not fall under this label). Speaking of - to Dusty and all - there's a black hole over Chavez Ravine which only affects my Droid's connection to only Sons of Steve Garvey. Otherwise, I'd be on the Game thread like Carroll on stranding runners.


spank said...


Delino DeShields, Sr said...

How dare you sir! How dare you. :-)

Steve Sax said...

I think that rolling Jameson gathers moss.

Nice recap DD

Steve Sax said...

Sidebar SoSG record updated!

Kyle Baker said...

I love how Spank called little Deuce out.

Kyle Baker said...

Sorry we missed you, double D. Give us a heads up next time and we won't rely on nor be able to blame crummy cellular reception.

Josh S. said...

It is simultaneously the worst Dodger bobblehead and the best Bob Hope bobblehead ever.

Loney Fan said...

Great recap DelinO!

Pride of Dong said...
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Pride of Dong said...

Looks like Jamey Carroll is a true utility player, selling hot cocoa to help make payroll. Is there ANYTHING he won't do to help the team?!?