Thursday, April 14, 2011

Online Discount for Select Games This Homestand

Shoot, I apologize for being late on this news: in the program that they distributed at the Opening Series, there was an offer code for discounted tickets for three games this homestand: Sunday April 17 vs. Cardinals, Monday April 18 vs. Braves, and Wednesday April 20 vs. Braves.

Preferred Field Box seats are $22 (from $50), while Preferred Loge Box and Infield Reserve seats are $15 (from $30).

Offer is available only at, by entering 07JAMES underneath "Promotions and Special Offers" after clicking the game you want to attend.

("07James" is not quite a reference to his batting average, but it's getting closer every day.)


Josh S. said...


Steve Sax said...

mets take a 4-2 lead but STILL NO BADGES

Josh S. said...

I concede the division. The Rockies are un-fucking-stoppable.

Wild card or bust!

Josh S. said...

Chin-Lung Hu sighting!!

Josh S. said...

And he strikes out swinging after being ahead 3-1.