Friday, March 12, 2010

Taiwan Updates


Chin-lung Hu and Hong-Chih Kuo and a giggling gaggle of Little Leaguers.

Manny Ramirez gives a press conference in a gigantic dome.

Hu gives a clinic.

Manny and Joe Torre, who looks ready to take care of some damn business, arrive at Tien Mou Stadium.

Hu & Kuo.

Team photo.

From @DodgertownUSA:

Dodgers lineup in Taiwan: Robinson RF, Paul CF, Manny DH, Loney 1B, Belliard 2B, Mitchell 3B, May C, Hu, SS, Barton RF, Stults P

First inning, three up, three down in Taiwan. Manny popped to second in first at-bat.

Bottom of the first: CPBL goes scoreless with former #Dodgers outfielder Chin-Feng Chen drawing a walk

Stults has thrown two scoreless and hitless innings for the #Dodgers with four strikeouts and a walk.

From @ramonashelburne:

The Dodgers and the Chinese Professional Baseball League all-stars are scoreless through three and a half... for those of you wondering...

Dodgers fall behind 2-0 here in the bottom of the fifth...

Manny Ramirez just flied out to deep centerfield again. Second time he's done that tonight. Now 0-for-3

From @kengurnick:

Catcher Lucas May came out of the game in Taiwan after being hit by a pitch on the left ankle.

Great, another catcher down. Quick, put A.J. Ellis in bubble wrap!

Oh, and we're getting one-hit. From @DodgertownUSA:

Dodgers lone hit at this point belongs to Trayvon Robinson.

From @DodgertownUSA:

Chin-lung Hu's two-run single makes it 5-2, CPBL...nice homecoming for the Taiwan native.

photos by Jon SooHoo/Dodgers


Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

Kudos, Orel, for staying up way past your bedtime to cover this game! This is why I love SoSG.

Orel said...

This update brought to you by too much caffeine and Twitter.

Josh S. said...

Torre looks like he's thinking:

"Manny, I put up with a lot from you last season, but wearing a Generra Hypercolor shirt? That's too effing much."