Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nomar No Mas

Nomar Garciaparra To Announce Retirement (MLBTR)

From @GordonEdes:

Sox have press conference at 10:30....Nomar is announcing he's retiring, according to multiple sources

The prodigal son returns. Apparently Nomar will be signing a one-day minor-league deal with the Red Sox to retire with Boston. Expect tears, "I've always been a Red Sock," "What's the singular form of Red Sox?," etc. And it's possible Nomar refuses to retire and shows up to minor-league camp for one more shot at glory. (Just kidding. But that would be cool.)


Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

Hold up on that press conference. Nomar just tore his right labrum walking into the clubhouse. 2-4 weeks on the DL.

Bryan said...

I know Nomar has more history as a Red Sock(?) but as a fellow Whittier native, he was and always will be one of my favorite Dodgers.

Plus i was at the 4+1 game, which helps.

Kyle Baker said...

Exactly, Bryan. His folks are also big Dodgers fans, so the Blue runs through his family.

I love the story he told on signing for Dodgers...about how he'd always wanted one of the real game caps but never got one, so when he signed was the first time he'd every put one of them on. Made me a little weepy.