Sunday, March 07, 2010

Martin to Miss Opening Day

Well, this is a fine start to spring training. From @dylanohernandez:

Torre: Martin out 4-6 wks. Will probably miss opening day.

Martin will be replaced on the big-league roster by AJ Ellis.

UPDATE: From @molly_knight:

Martin very surprised by the significance of the injury.

UPDATE: Another update from Molly:

[Martin] is in the weight room working his upper body. Torre doesn't know whether 4 to 6 weeks means back to rehab or back to games.

Hey Russell, you just hit the DL. How about RESTING for a second?

UPDATE: From Dylan:

Russell Martin said he intends to be ready for opening day.

And I intend on winning an Oscar tonight. Good luck with that!

UPDATE: Message sent, but was it received? From Dylan:

Martin said that he'll spend more time in the weight room as he recovers. "I know my guns are going to be even bigger," he said.

Earlier at SoSG: Hip or Groin


Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

Talk about waking up to some shit in my coffee.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said... says it's a groin pull.

NicJ said...

You mean Martin is going to be replaced by a strong defense, weak hitting catcher? Sounds like a lateral to me.

Orel said...

Nic in mid-season form!

rbnlaw said...

Groin injury? Again I say; Yoga would've helped prevent that.
I'm all for lifting and being strong, but flexibility is the key to longevity.

MR.F said...

Martin's attitude isn't inspiring. I have the bad feeling that he's gonna try to come back too soon and get injured and the cycle will repeat itself.