Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In Other News, Strange Spike In MLB2K10 Games Involving The Nationals and Royals

MLB2K10, which came out for most platforms earlier this month, is sporting a $1M cash prize for being the first to pitch a perfect game. Not sure if I'll jump franchises--I'm more of a MLB: The Show fan--but some reviews are indeed saying MLB 2K10 is a lot better this year, albeit not as good as MLB10: The Show. I suppose I've just gotten used to the interface, as well as the dulcet tones of Matt Vasgersian's voice.

Make sure to catch the "Opus Trailer" here, and stick around to the end, when the soundtrack goes "Engine, Engine, Number 9....". Great shots of our own Manny Ramirez, including a very cool albeit unbelievable one of Ramirez running over some catcher (is that the Rockies?) at the plate. (It's also not lost on me how there's a quick shot of Russell Martin and the soundtrack is saying "pick it up, pick it up!" How fitting.)

On the MLB10: The Show site, I was a little surprised that the first video trailer is all about the enhanced pickoff moves. Yawn. Comments seem to indicate that online play is slow, and the game isn't that much advanced from MLB 09 (which was supposed to be excellent). Maybe I'll just slum with the PSP version for now.


Fred's Brim said...

if you read the fine print, it says you have to pitch the perfect game as Russ Ortiz

Josh S. said...

...or Mark Loretta.

I need to work on my skills in The Show. I can't stand Vasgergian and Hudler mocking me.

Gagne's lucky glasses said...

I got MLB2K10 a couple of days ago. I simulated to the 2010 trade deadline and was 8 games back from Arizona and Colorado. I traded Manny back to the Red Sox for Jacoby Elsbury and Mike Lowell. I then simulated the rest of the season and I came all the way back to win the division by 2.5 games...That was a pretty good trade

Greg Finley said...

I love the headline!

Also, in defense of the Nats, they're about league average in hitting but just had awesomely horrible pitching.

Kyle Baker said...

@ Josh-

Can't you just fire Hudler?