Thursday, March 04, 2010

Here We Go Again, Again

Yet another brilliant video from the wicked minds of OK Go. You know, the treadmill video guys! Rube Goldberg, eat your heart out.

"This Too Shall Pass" is on their new album, "Of the Blue Colour of the Sky". Well done, gents!

And thanks for the tip on this, to a friend of Sax (who will go nameless for now; that is, until he tells me "ok, go!"). UPDATE: the tip was from comedy guru Adam F. Thanks, Adam!

Earlier at SoSG: Pitagora Suitchi! (112 Days to Opening Day)


Orel said...


Judging by the paint on their suits, they needed fewer takes than Dylan Hernandez.

Orel said...

Inside the OK Go / State Farm Deal (BusinessWeek)

Fred's Brim said...

that's awesome, but when does the plastic cage come down the stick and catch the mouse? Did I miss that?

Adam said...

ok, go!

QuadSevens said...

Their video for this song with the camoflauge horn section is pretty cool too. OK Go always has the best videos. I'm a big fan of them.

QuadSevens said...

In case someone hasn't seen the video I described earlier, here's a link.