Monday, March 15, 2010

2010 Topps Baseball Cards: Three Dodgers

I took the plunge, following the lead of Roberto over at VSIMH, and bought a mini-box of Topps 2010 Series 1 baseball cards. Honestly, I think $20 is a bit pricey to spend for ~80 cards. However, I was able to make the pack-opening routine more enjoyable by having my kids help out in the process. I opened the foil and handed them the stacks, and then they "sorted" to "find the Dodgers". Here's what they found:

First, the regular card of Jonathan Broxton:

Second, the Ticket to ToppsTown card for Manny Ramirez (which elicited a shriek of joy from my kids, upon instantly noticing the dreadlocks):

And finally, the big find: a special Turkey Red card for Matt Kemp:

I also ended up bagging a "When They Were Young" Johnny Damon card, a number of the "Legendary Lineage" cards, an Ichiro rookie replication "Cards Your Mother Threw Out", and a Willie Stargell Patch card. And I was happy to get one of the "Million Card Giveaway" code cards...we'll see which card it unlocks!

Also, I noticed that although most teams have just their team name on the front of the card, the Cardinals' cards say the full "St. Louis Cardinals". Not sure why that is the case...I suppose some might mistake them for Arizona Cardinals, or members of the Catholic church?

I don't know; opening baseball cards is one of those rites of spring, but it isn't quite as fun as it used to be. Luckily, having the kids help made it a bit more interesting this time.

UPDATE: More to come on this topic of baseball cards...stay tuned, SoSG readers!


Alex Cora said...

Pretty sweet - Now I just hope your kids dont use them in their bike spokes.

Roberto Baly said...

Hey Steve, what patch did you get? I bought two boxes last month but haven't blogged about it yet. Stay tuned...

Jimbo said...

I got a few of these. One that I really liked had Duke Snider/Andre Ethier on the card.

Jeff said...
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Jeff said...

I love the 2010 Topps Set, also the Million Card Giveaway is the cherry on top.
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