Monday, March 02, 2009

Scott Boras: Separated at Birth

Reading my 100th article about Manny Ramirez's contract dispute, a thought entered my head: the uber-agent Scott Boras

looks just like famed character actor Michael Rooker (JFK, Mallrats, Cliffhanger, Meet Wally Sparks).

Let's see if you can correctly identify who's who.

Boras and (insert team owner's name here)??

Boras' true face, revealed when he gets his first $40 million a year salary?

And coming soon to a Netflix queue near you:


Wesley Vento said...

This is a sign everyone! If at any point in our lives we happen upon Scott Boras, at a gas station or in line at the movies or wherever, we are now OBLIGATED to stink-palm this man.