Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Poll: Best Time of Year Sports-wise

Ah, opening day is right around the corner. There's no feeling quite like it. But let's take this moment to think - between opening day, the Final Four (which this year falls into April), and the upcoming NBA and NHL playoffs, are we approaching the best time of year, sports-wise? Here's a visual approximation of when the major US sports come and go, with both regular season and playoffs indicated:

(click image to enlarge)

What's your favorite quarter of the year, sports-wise?
Quarter 1 - Jan, Feb, Mar
Quarter 2 - Apr, May, June
Quarter 3 - July, Aug, Sept
Quarter 4 - Oct, Nov, Dec
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My personal vote is for Quarter 4. Playoff baseball, the NFL and college football in full swing, and, as gravy, the opening of college and pro hoops all fall in Q4. And if I followed hockey, that would be kicking off too (in fact I hear it still kicks off in Q4 even though I don't follow it).

But that's just me. We want to hear from you. And don't just vote - let us know your specific thoughts in the comments section.


WesParker in IA said...

Interesting graph. I like Q2 because baseball is beginning, NHL playoffs, and some classic golf and tennis events

MR.F said...

I don't like football. I voted Q2. Playoff basketball and a fresh new baseball season.

Neeebs (The Original) said...

Spring Baseball, when everyone believes that they could be Champs.

And playoff hockey, the best time of the year when hockey becomes REALLY meaningful. (Except for us diehard Kings fans, who enter depression during the playoffs.)

QuadSevens said...

Q7 votes for Q4. Q7 likes the baseball playoffs and the NFL season. Plus Christmas and New Year's Eve are always fun for Q7.

(Q7 will never speak in third person again)

Natalie said...

I'm going with Q2 for the start of the baseball season, The Masters and the U.S. Open.

DanGarion said...

I guess I'm weird. Q3 for me, the stretch for baseball, NASCAR in full affect, NFL and College Football starting, and not having to deal with crap sports like Basketball... :)

Eric Karros said...

EK would like to thank Q7 for promising to never speak in the 3rd person again.

And wow, I'm surprised Q1 has gotten completely shutout thusfar - the Superbowl, NCAA Football National Championship, and March Madness doesn't do it for anyone? I guess this really is a baseball blog.

dodgerotaku said...

I moved to Japan two years ago and found the added bonus of March being the sumo tournament. Also, seeing how big baseball is in these parts the WBC was a lot of fun as well. And, as April has been more interesting than October as a Dodger fan for the past 20 years, we just might have clinched it.

Iannucci said...

Imagine my surprise to find out The Indy 500 is in MARCH. I could've sworn my tickets said "MAY"!