Saturday, March 21, 2009

Are You Ready for This?

Oswalt to square off vs. Dice-K (

Dodger Stadium sees its first World Baseball Classic action tomorrow night tonight (Korea vs. Venezuela semifinal). Are you planning on watching on television? You're not alone. From a WBC press release:

The game between the United States and Venezuela on Sunday, March 8 posted a 2.0 rating with 2,645,000 viewers tuning in, ranking as the most watched World Baseball Classic game ever, eclipsing the 2006 second round game between Mexico and the U.S. which was seen by 2,458,000 people. In addition, it was the most watched sporting event on basic cable for the week.

Domestic television ratings for the 2009 World Baseball Classic Round One games broadcast on ESPN averaged a 1.3 rating, up over 40% from 2006. The four games averaged 1,745,000 viewers, up almost 90% compared to 2006 Round One games.

Are you planning on going to the games? Let us hear about your experience at Dodger Stadium—we want pictures too!

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Julie Hibbard said...

I'm in Arizona and will be at Camelback tomorrow! Yeah!! I can still send you pictures tho! :)

Orel said...

Sounds good, Julie! Have fun!

cigarcow said...

Eh. I live a mile or two from the stadium, but I think I'm too lazy. More importantly, how come you guys didn't mention your site is in this tournament:

cigarcow said...

Haha, it's supposed to rain the next couple of days. Convenient. Maybe Selig can blame steroids.

Natalie said...

I must say that the Stadium looks beautiful tonight. (Not there, just watching on TV.)

Orel said...

Cigarcow: Because we didn't know. Thanks for the tip!

Natalie: It won't look fresher than it does tonight!