Wednesday, March 04, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: TJ Simers Thinks Camelback Ranch Is Hot

TJ Simers wrote some insightful points on Camelback Ranch, the Dodgers' spring training facility, including the blockbuster revelation that it's rather warm there:

From Skin Cancer Central -- If only my dermatologist could see me now, and she certainly will once Sunday takes its full effect.

I went online and bought a $100 ticket for the Dodgers' first game in the middle of the Sahara, a beautiful spring training shrine rising in the middle of nowhere, but still the desert.

Dodgers owner Frank McCourt kept referring to the grand opening of Camelback Ranch in a morning news briefing as a "celebration," but frankly, it was the lure of sitting behind home plate with a cellphone to my ear, waving to Plaschke back home and a free scented towel that brought me here.

And the answer to your obvious question is mango. The soaking wet, freezing, white towels feature a hint of mango, L.A.'s Larry Goldstein sitting in front of me but looking more like Lawrence of Arabia by the third inning, covered in washcloths.

Dodger fans worldwide have been anxious for news this week on the status of the Camelback Ranch white towels, and what fruit scents are evoked by the accessory. We here at SoSG are happy to report this breaking news to our hungry fans.