Thursday, September 04, 2008

SI's Heyman Throws Colletti A Job Security Bone long as one of his unnamed "sources" isn't Ned Colletti himself, that is. From "Mediocre Dodgers still have a chance to fix their season":

Embarrassed or not, Dodgers owner Frank McCourt is said to have been angry at several tough junctures this season. In many moments behind the scenes, McCourt is said to often cite disappointing free-agent deals and what he claims are just-as-disappointing revenue figures. You could see it on his face out here Monday night. Though he was sitting in his box next to the eminently entertaining Tommy Lasorda, McCourt barely cracked a smile during his team's 5-2 victory over the Padres, their neighbors to the south whom the ex-Padre Maddux beat for career victory No. 354.

McCourt is said by colleagues to be fixated on the expensive free agent deals that went awry for Jones, starting pitcher Jason Schmidt and a couple others rather than the deals that worked, such as $500,000 for closer Takashi Saito, a pittance for lights-out reliever Hong-Chih Kuo, and the July 31 acquisition of Ramirez, part of perhaps the most impressive trade-deadline haul in baseball.

McCourt is said to be especially apoplectic about Jones, who was activated the other day. But don't expect Jones to have the chance to put Ramirez's tips to use and make a run at one RBI per million (he has 14 RBIs and makes $18 million). While mentioning Jones' knee issue, Torre told the Los Angeles papers that he only plans to use those who can "help" us. Which seemed to let Jones out.

While GM Ned Colletti is said to have absorbed the abuse of what colleagues describe as McCourt's "hair trigger" managing style, sources indicate that McCourt has told friends he is sticking with his GM beyond this season whether or not the Dodgers overcome the first-place Arizona Diamondbacks to steal the winnable West.

Let's be clear: if we don't make the playoffs this season, Colletti is gone as those deals for Schmidt, Jones, and Pierre will be too much for the mercurial McCourt to swallow. Ned had better hope for that Hollywood ending.

Or, maybe Ned can just hope for more valentines like the one written today by TJ Simers! Oh, wait a second, it was sarcasm. Or was it? Now, I'm confused.