Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Five Answers for Kurkjian's Five Questions

Tim Kurkjian over at ESPN is breaking down the Dodgers-Cubs NLDS series, which means he's posing five questions about the series.

Rather than link to "Dodgers won't be a pushover for favored Cubs" outright, here are the cliff notes answers to go with their corresponding questions:

  • 1. More offensive power, clubhouse relaxed fun, and dreadlocks.
  • 2. I don't know, but there is an X-Factor.
  • 3. Really, really good.
  • 4. He makes up the lineup for one of the teams playing, and he also decides when to substitute players during the game.
  • 5. Yes.


Eric Karros said...

Uh, hello? Did I do something to offend you?

Orel said...

Hey, how did you do that redirect?

Steve Sax said...

There, I've added the frickin' label.

I've got Five Things for you, all right.