Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy 2nd Anniversary!

Nomar caps incredible win for LA: Four straight homers tie it in ninth; walk-off puts club in first

Kent photo by John SooHoo/Dodgers
Drew, Martin, Anderson, Garciaparra, scoreboard photos by Jill Weisleder/Dodgers


hbmom5 said...

I was there that night!! Came out for a free blanket, we did NOT leave early and witnessed the most amazing game EVER!!
My throat hurt so bad the next day from yelling so much and the bottom of my feet hurt from jumping up and down on the concrete for so long.
An AMAZING night!!!

Orel said...

Lucky you! And good for you for not leaving early—you are a credit to Dodger fans.

Neeebs (The Original) said...

Yee Haw!!!!!!!!!

Big win today.

Keeps the pressure on AZ.

Kayla said...

You should black out j.d. drew's face...

Unknown said...

And here was what the beacon of excitment of that year's team had to say about the game:

Even Kent conceded that this one was something special.

"I've never seen anything like this in a 15-plus-year career," he said. "It was an incredible finish. But it's just one game in 162. It was a great game, but for me, I have to take this in stride."


Orel said...

Unfortunately, Kayla, J.D. Drew is part of Dodger history. And his brother Stephen tortures us as a Diamondback. Darn those Drew brothers!

MR.F said...

Sometimes the greatest games you'll ever see are happening, and you're in the bathroom taking a shower.

I was watching the gamecast when I decided to take a shower since they were down 4 runs. Before I got in I saw the first guy hit a home run, but I kind of just ignored it. When I got out I checked the score and I was like "OH. MY. CH-I."

Oh well. I didn't have so I couldn't watch it anyway. But it would have been nice just to follow it on gamecast.

My brother was lucky enough to attend the game.

Steve Sax said...

fanerman, I share your pain. I was in Moscow at the time (honestly!), and wasn't believing what my blackberry was telling me. I called Orel from Moscow to confirm the data.

Someday, I'll post the full story, about wishing you could be there to see something as amazing as the 4+1 game, but being half a world away.