Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Why The McCourt Markup?

This is the shirt.

This is the shirt that I saw in the Team Store tent at Dodger Stadium this Rally Sunday. The one that I saw retailing for $35 (see the paragraph right after the opening bullet points).

So why is it listed here at mlb.com's shop--for only $25? What is going on here? What kind of McCourt Markup is this?


Erin said...

The hat is listed at $24.99, but I paid $35 at Dodger Stadium on Thursday. It wasn't until after I'd already paid that I realized I had seen it online cheaper.

It seems like this should be illegal.

Neeebs (The Original) said...

I purchased the T-Shirt the day that they clinched from MLB.com for $25.

When I saw the report from Sunday that the T-Shirt was $35 I thought it was a typo.

Typical McCourt. As I said before, someone underwrote the Sunday event. No way he allows free parking and cheap food.

DanGarion said...

Same reason why the stars and stripes fitted team hats are $45 at Dodger Stadium for a Dodger one while they are $35 for a Angel one in Anaheim...

Unknown said...

Yeah paid the $35 to the machine for the hat.

I forget how much I got suckered into paying for the LA/Boston T-shirt. And it is pretty ugly. It's too busy. When I wear it I notice people trying to figure out what it says.
Who gives the final "ok" on these designs?

Steve Sax said...

Cindy, I totally agree with you. The preseason Dodger/Red Sox series shirts are SO UGLY from a design perspective, it's chilling. I don't understand why MLB, and particularly the Dodgers, believes that the only way for a fan to wear the team's colors is to have a huge logo print design on the front, rather than something tasteful and maybe a large print on the back. These shouldn't look like shirts one could find on a rack at Disneyland.

Steve Sax said...

The other thing that pisses me off about this shirt and its ridiculous Frank McCourt 40% markup is that in one week's time, it becomes irrelevant either way. So the Dodgers' may have only one, possibly two more chances to sell it.

I have to say, the shirt had a nice hand, and the design isn't altogether nauseating. I'll wait for the end of the season to pick it up, though.