Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We're Not Talking About It

Frank McCourt is already drooling all over the carpet, salivating about the postseason, albeit more for the incremental revenue than for the glory, honor, and tribute to this great team, this wonderful city, and these incredible fans.

But we're not talking about it here at SoSG, not until it's a done deal. No playoff matchups, no prospective opponents, no schadenfreude about other teams' evaporating hopes. After all, in past seasons, the schadenfreude was directed at us.

There's still 11 games left, and a magic number of 8. Games need to be won.

For what it's worth, Tommy Lasorda agrees:

Lasorda was reluctant to talk much about a possible Freeway World Series because the Dodgers haven't yet ensured a postseason berth.

"We haven't done anything until we clinch it," he said. "We're not going to talk about something we don't have. When the season is over and we've been declared the No. 1 team in the National League West, we've done something."

Tommy went on to say that if that little red check engine light is on, they'll tell you why it's on, for free.


Baseball Cynic said...

I agree with Tommy. After such a crazy season, I honestly believe that the best the Dodgers can hope for is to win the division. And that is only if AZ keeps losing games. The Dodgers aren't going to win all the next games coming up, the odds are against us. We can only hope that the team somehow backs into the win column at the end of the season. This was the team that got swept by the Nationals and not that long ago!! The prize, for this year at least, needs to be the Western Division title. Nothing more.