Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Off-Day Puzzle #12: Prize and Methodology

Congratulations to all the participants in yesterday's puzzle, #12 / The Power of Five. We have 13 contestants for this participation prize lottery, which will be determined by taking the number of pitches that the Dodgers pitchers collectively use in tonight's game (Tuesday, Sept 23 vs. San Diego), as listed in the box score, and dividing by 13. Whoever's number corresponds with the remainder will be declared the winner. That person just needs to email us their mailing address and wait by their mailbox, and they'll soon be rewarded with the arrival of a Dodger-related prize item!

The running order (ordered by finish time of correct answer, followed by participation order):

0. quadsevens
2. fanerman
3. daniel
4. jose
5. gil gamesh
6. neeebs
7. steve
8. mr. customer
9. berkowit28
10. erin
11. karina
12. cigarcow

And the winner will receive: a Dodgers Golden Moment flipbook, allowing readers (flippers?) to witness Kirk Gibson's historic 1988 World Series home run once again. This book was a stadium giveaway item at Friday's game vs. SF, and has been generously underwritten by Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP. The book also comes with a discount coupon for Dodgers merchandise at the Top of the Park Store, as well as a 50% off Reserve Level coupon for April and May 2009 games (excluding Opening Day). Prize will be sent at SoSG's postage expense, but SoSG is not responsible for prizes lost in the mail.

Good luck, contestants!


QuadSevens said...

After being super lucky and winning two prizes already in these giveaways I was ready to take myself out of this drawing. But that flipbook, plus coupons, is just too awesome to pass up! I'm hoping my lucky number 13 comes through again!