Friday, September 05, 2008

Off-Day Puzzle #10: Bonus Prize Award Methodology

Congratulations to quadsevens, steve, fanerman, and jose for finding the bonus message in Off-Day Puzzle #10 (details here.) I am not trying to string this out to add to the suspense, but since I don't have a picture of the bonus prize with me right now, the identity of the prize will have to remain secret for a bit longer.

However, in the off-chance that I won't be able to post about the prize itself before gametime tonight, here's the methodology for the lottery for this bonus prize: the prizewinner will be determined by the number of hits, in aggregate, that the Dodgers get in the three games vs. the Diamondbacks this weekend. Similar to how SoSG EK did the last puzzle participation lottery, the total number of hits will then be divided by four, with the amount of the remainder corresponding to the four entrants as follows:

0 = quadsevens
1 = steve
2 = fanerman
3 = jose

So, for example, in the Dodgers' recent three-game series at Arizona, the Dodgers got 12, 14, and 12 hits, for a total of 38 hits. 38 / 4 = 9r2, so fanerman would have been the winner.

Winner will have to send us his/her snail mail address for the item to be sent. SoSG is not responsible for items lost in the mail (but we're 1-for-1 so far, right neeebs?).

Look for the post detailing the prize shortly, and good luck to the four of you in the bonus prize lottery!


MR.F said...

38 hits this series sounds good to me.

Eric Karros said...

By the bottom of the 9th of the 3rd game, depending on the game situation and how the hit totals to that point have panned out, I envision one of you rooting for the Dodgers go down 1-2-3.

QuadSevens said...

If it comes down to the bottom of the 9th, I think we'd be at least hoping for the Dodgers to get some multiple of 4 hits before taking the lead and winning the game.