Friday, September 05, 2008

Neeebs' Magic Gloves Get Violent

The continuing tale of neeebs and the magic gloves continues.

This time, neeebs is firing up for this weekend's series against the Diamondbacks by having the gloves throttle a snake:

I hope Dan Haren doesn't constrict our offense tonight, but we will see. 38 total hits in the last series was pretty impressive for the Dodgers over a three-game span, on the road no less; but we'll need a series sweep in order to be in first place by the end of the weekend.


Neeebs said...

What would have happened if there was one extra person at Dodger Stadium on that fateful night and the magic digit was 5 instead of 4?

Would we be having this much fun?

Orel said...

I've never seen a snake with hair before.

Orel said...

That's what she said!