Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Half-Hearted At Game Re-Cap: Dodgers @ Mets, May 31

They say that when you're angry, you should count to ten before saying anything. So I counted the figurative ten and waited until today to post about one of the most disheartening games I can remember attending: last Saturday's come-from-ahead loss to the Mets, compliments of one J. Broxton. Turns out that even after a few days, I still don't feel like writing about it. So instead I'll just put up a few photos from that day at the ballpark. And just to mitigate the depression from that game (and from last night's), I've included one photo of the snacks I scored from the much happier game the previous day.


Alex Cora said...

Cheez doodles or Honey BBQ?

Delino DeShields said...

I don't trust that guy on the Cheese Doodles bag. Reminds me of the bad guys in the recent "The Strangers"