Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Jose Reyes to Go from Really Annoying to Merely Annoying?

From's Spring Training Blog:


Are the Mets about to see a more mature Jose Reyes this season? The electrifying shortstop told reporters Tuesday that he plans to tone down his celebrations this season.

"No more handshakes. People kept saying we got teams fired up when we did those handshakes, so now I want to focus more on baseball," Reyes said, according to Newsday.

The Marlins reportedly took offense to the Mets' excessive celebrations in the final weekend series last year, helping to motivate them to knock New York out of the playoff chase.

"Nobody said anything to me, but it's because of what happened last year," Reyes said, according to Newsday. "That's why I'm taking this year more seriously. In 2006, everybody loved [the handshakes], but now it's different. I'm going to enjoy the game, but I'm not going to do the handshakes with the guys. I don't want people to talk about that. I just want to play baseball. I want to take care of business on the field."

It's been a long time coming, Jose.

photo by Julie Jacobson/AP