Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tim Morris and Lorenzo Romar Have No Class

I'm late in posting about this from Sunday's game, in which the UCLA Bruins were upset by the Washington Huskies up in Washington. But I've been simmering on what appears to be unbecoming and unsportsmanlike behavior that merits, but has not yet received, any punishment.

Late in the UCLA/UW game, Washington's Tim Morris can't find a teammate to receive his inbounds pass, and so (with his team out of time outs and with the Bruins down by two possessions), he chucks the ball directly at UCLA's Alfred Aboya's face. What the hell is that?

Video of, and commentary about, the despicable action is here at Vegas Watch. Also, Bruins Nation has posted a great picture of the play as it unfolds, as well as commentary about what a poor decsion it was, as well as how Washington Coach Lorenzo Romar has defended Morris since the game.

Let's hear what UCLA legend John Wooden thinks thinks about Morris' actions:

But at least one prominent observer, watching on television, found it hard to fathom that Morris was not and will not be punished for his actions near the conclusion of Washington's 71-61 upset win over the Bruins in Seattle.

"I would have jerked [Morris] out of the game immediately," legendary former UCLA coach John Wooden said Monday. "And after the game he'd have heard about it.

"You do have to keep in mind that these are kids and they are going to get over-excited at times and are still not completely mature. But that is no excuse for what happened."

All this talk about Roger Clemens on Capitol Hill today made me think of other unsporting conduct, including Clemens' bat-throwing incident against Mike Piazza. Seriously, can't people just play the games the way they are meant to be played?


Xeifrank said...

Hopefully, the Bruins get a rematch in the PAC-10 tourney, wouldn't that be sweet!
vr, Xei